F-NO: The Public Health Film Festival
of New Orleans

Showcasing cinematic stories that highlight
health disparities and social justice

May 10-12, 2019


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Mission Statement

“Health equity through innovative messaging”

F-NO aims to foster dialogue about serious issues through the art of film. We hope that by showcasing stories of health disparities, audiences will be empowered to mobilize in an effort to improve the public health of our communities.


Why a Public Health Film Festival in New Orleans?

In 2018, Louisiana ranked No. 1 as the State with the greatest health challenges and No. 3 in health outcomes according to America’s Health Rankings. Unfortunately, Louisiana has the highest prevalence of childhood poverty in the country (28%) in addition to the some of the highest rates of low birthweight babies, smoking, and obesity.

New Orleans, however, is home to an unparalleled environment of creative expression, rich history and culture. Filmmakers, musicians, and artists from around the world come here for inspiration and to take part in political and social activism.

The purpose of F-NO is to highlight health disparities that have plagued Louisiana for decades through rich artistic and cultural tradition of cinematography. We want to inform, educate, and create change.